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Volume: 36  Issue: 1   Year: 2023
  Ağrı: 22 (4)
Volume: 22  Issue: 4 - 2010
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1.Efficacy of intraarticular hyaluronic acid injection through a lateral approach under fluoroscopic control for advanced hip osteoarthritis
Can Eyigör, Alihan Pirim, Sibel Eyigör, Meltem Uyar
PMID: 21153931  Pages 139 - 144

2.The efficiency and duration of the analgesic effects of musical therapy on postoperative pain
Hüseyin Şen, Ömer Yanarateş, Ali Sızlan, Emre Kılıç, Sezai Özkan, Güner Dağlı
PMID: 21153932  Pages 145 - 150

3.Assessment of the effect of intrathecal levobupivacaine combined with fentanyl or morphine on postoperative analgesia in patients undergoing cesarean section
Pınar Acar, Emine Özyuvacı, Şule Vatansever, Naile Toprak, Onat Akyol
PMID: 21153933  Pages 151 - 158

4.Evaluation of postoperative pain in root canal treatment
Tülin Ertan, Güneş Şahinkesen, Yaşar Meriç Tunca
PMID: 21153934  Pages 159 - 164

5.Combined femoral and sciatic nerve block in a cachectic progressive systemic sclerosis case with gastrointestinal and cardiac involvement
Berit Gökçe Ceylan, Sinem Sarı Ak, Özlem Özorak, Lütfi Yavuz, Füsun Eroğlu
PMID: 21153935  Pages 165 - 169

6.Epidural blood patch treatment in a patient with chronic headache related to spontaneous intracranial hypotension
Figen Gökçay, Can Eyigör, Ece Bayam, İlknur Dönmez, Meltem Uyar
PMID: 21153936  Pages 170 - 174

7.“Figure of four” position and long-axis sciatic nerve scan with ultrasound facilitates sciatic perineural catheter placement
Levent Şahin, Yavuz Gürkan
PMID: 21153937  Pages 175 - 177

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