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Volume: 36  Issue: 3   Year: 2024

Attention: These articles have been accepted for publication; however, this list does not indicate the order in which articles will be published. As new articles are accepted, the order displayed here will change.

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1.Adipose-Derived Stromal Vascular Fraction Cells Therapy in Hemophilic Arthropathy, A Case Report
Derya Güner, CAN EYIGOR
doi: 10.14744/agri.2022.37043  Page 0

2.My Back Hurts! Did You Have Covid-19 Infection?
Gevher Rabia Genç Perdecioğlu, Damla Yürük, Ömer Taylan Akkaya
doi: 10.14744/agri.2022.09086  Page 0

3.Symptomatic Schwannoma Diagnosed During Ultrasound-Guided Interventional Pain Management
Damla Yürük, Hüseyin Alp Alptekin
doi: 10.14744/agri.2023.92332  Page 0

4.An unusual imaging finding mimicking double contour sign following ultrasound-guided intra-articular knee injectıon of steroid: A case report
Serdar Kokar, özlem Mercan, Kenan Akgun
Page 0

5.Bilateral Occipital Infarcts Due to Persistent Migraine with Aura in an Elderly
Melek Kandemir Yılmaz, Pınar Kırıklı
Page 0

6.Early diagnosis and treatment management with USG in a patient who developed unilateral diaphragmatic paralysis after interscalene block
Zülfü Çevik, Deniz Kara, Ayda Türköz
Page 0

7.Investigation of trunk muscle endurance and standing balance according to severity of disability in women with moderate to severe disability due to neck pain
Muge Kirmizi, Gamze Yalcinkaya Colak, Yesim Salik Sengul, Orhan Kalemci
Page 0

8.Pain Phenotypes In Caregivers Of Children With Cerebral Palsy
Tuğba Cirit, İsmail Saraçoğlu
Page 0

9.Percutaneous fluoroscopic lumbar facet joint synovial cyst aspiration for manifesting with radiculopathy and low back pain
Kamer Dere
doi: 10.14744/agri.2022.07742  Page 0

10.Persistent hiccups as a rare complication after transforaminal epidural steroid injection: A Case Report
Ferhat Ege
Page 0

11.Retrospective evaluation of patients treated with intradiscal discectomy + RFTC using the DISC-FX method in lumbar discopathy
Hatice Kaykusuz, Süheyla Karadağ Erkoç, İbrahim Aşık
Page 0

12.The Effect of Colored Masks Used in Pediatric Emergency Clinics on Children's Pain Perception: Randomized Controlled Study
Eda Gülbetekin, Fatma GÜL CAN, Selahattin KARAGÖZ
Page 0

13.The Impact of Trans-Sacral Epiduroscopic Laser Decompression on Quality of Life in Lumbar Disc Herniation
Sibel Özcan, Arzu Muz, Aysun Yıldız Altun, Rustem Payam, Mehmet Fatih Polat, Selami Ates Onal
Page 0

14.Ultrasound-Guided Injections of 2 internal rotators with one needle: Trigger Point Treatment for Shoulder Pain
Yakup Erden, Fatih Bağcıer
Page 0

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