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Volume: 36  Issue: 2   Year: 2024
  Ağrı: 19 (3)
Volume: 19  Issue: 3 - 2007
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1.Neuropathic pain
Nerses Bebek, Mustafa Ertaş
PMID: 18095193  Pages 5 - 10

2.Gamma knife radiosurgery for treatment of pain
Selçuk Peker, Meriç Şengöz
PMID: 18095194  Pages 11 - 15

3.Pediatricians’ and pediatric nurses' knowledge about pain in newborn infants and their practices in some provinces in Turkey
Emine Efe, Emine Altun, Hacer Çetin, Ayşegül İşler
PMID: 18095195  Pages 16 - 25

4.The Postoperative Analgesic Effects of Magnesium Infusion on Brachial Plexus Block
Özlem Anbarcı, Alparslan Apan, Şaziye Şahin
PMID: 18095196  Pages 26 - 31

5.Effect of preoperative 900 and 1200 mg single oral dose of gabapentin on postoperative pain relief and tramadol consumption in open cholecystectomy surgery
Suna Akın Takmaz, Çetin Kaymak, Başak Şare Pehlivan, Bayazit Dikmen
PMID: 18095197  Pages 32 - 38

6.Usage of remifentanil and fentanyl in intravenous patient-controlled sedo-analgesia under topical anaesthesia during cataract surgery
Ayten Akgül, Osman Nuri Aydın, Volkan Dayanır, Selda Sen, Bakiye Ugur, Erkin Kır
PMID: 18095198  Pages 39 - 46

7.Neurofeedback in fibromyalgia syndrome
Sadi Kayıran, Erbil Dursun, Numan Ermutlu, Nigar Dursun, Sacit Karamursel
PMID: 18095199  Pages 47 - 53

8.Neuropathic arthropathy caused by syringomyelia in different joints and lesion of brachial plexus at right upper extremity: A case report
Ayşe Ekim, Onur Armagan
PMID: 18095200  Pages 54 - 59

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