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Volume: 35  Issue: 2   Year: 2023
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  Ağrı: 21 (1)
Volume: 21  Issue: 1 - 2009
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1.Chronic post-surgical pain
Taylan Akkaya, Derya Özkan
PMID: 19357994  Pages 1 - 9

2.Evaluation of sympathetic response in cases with failed back surgery syndrome
Nilay Şahin, Lutfiye Muslumanoglu, Omer Karatas, Aysegul Cakmak, Emel Ozcan, Ender Berker
PMID: 19357995  Pages 10 - 15

3.Long-term results of suprascapular pulsed radiofrequency in chronic shoulder pain
Kader Keskinbora, Işık Aydınlı
PMID: 19357996  Pages 16 - 21

4.Comparison of the effects of lidocaine, lidocaine plus tramadol and lidocaine plus morphine for intravenous regional anesthesia
Bilge Aslan, Seval İzdeş, Elvin Kesimci, Tülin Gümüş, Orhan Kanbak
PMID: 19357997  Pages 22 - 28

5.Pain perception of professional volleyball players during different phases of menstruation
Başak Çavlıca, Selda Bereket Yücel, Nurten Darçın, İdil Tekin Mirzai, Koray Erbüyün
PMID: 19357998  Pages 29 - 35

6.Acute otalgia during sleep (live insect in the ear): a case report
Kerem Erkalp, Nuran Kalekoglu Erkalp, Haluk Ozdemir
PMID: 19357999  Pages 36 - 38

7.Ultrasound guided lateral sagital infraclavicular block for pectoral flap release
Yavuz Gürkan, Dilek Özdamar, Tülay Hoşten, Mine Solak, Kamil Toker
PMID: 19358000  Pages 39 - 42

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