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Volume: 35  Issue: 2   Year: 2023
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  Ağrı: 19 (2)
Volume: 19  Issue: 2 - 2007
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1.Non-analgesıc Effects of Thoracic Epidural Anesthesia
Zerrin Sungur Ülke, Mert Şentürk
PMID: 17760239  Pages 6 - 12

2.Cervical spine and pain
Ali Çimen
PMID: 17760240  Pages 13 - 19

3.The linear trend of headache prevalence and some headache features in school children
Aynur Özge, Resul Buğdaycı, Tayyar Şaşmaz, Hakan Kaleağası, Öner Kurt, Ali Karakelle, Aksel Siva
PMID: 17760241  Pages 20 - 32

4.A new method for epidural catheter fixation
Nebahat Gülcü, Kazım Karaaslan, Hasan Koçoğlu, Esra Gümüş
PMID: 17760242  Pages 33 - 37

5.Efficacy of lornoxicam in postoperative analgesia after total knee replacement surgery
Nurten İnan, Namık Özcan, Suna Akın Takmaz, Ayse Özcan, Ipek Erdoğan, Bülent Baltacı
PMID: 17760243  Pages 38 - 45

6.Plasma cortisol levels in migraineurs between attacks
Çağatay Öncel, Buket Oflazoğlu, Hulki Forta, Nihal Yücel, Nezaket Eren
PMID: 17760244  Pages 46 - 48

7.The effect of two different methods used during peripheral venous blood collection on pain reduction in neonates
Emine Efe, Sevim Savaşer
PMID: 17760245  Pages 49 - 56

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