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Volume: 32  Issue: 4  Year: 2020

Attention: These articles have been accepted for publication; however, this list does not indicate the order in which articles will be published. As new articles are accepted, the order displayed here will change.

Ağrı: 19 (1)
Volume: 19  Issue: 1 - 2007
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1.Rare primary headache syndromes
Vesile Öztürk
PMID: 17457702  Pages 5 - 16

2.Is childhood migraine unmaturated form of adult migraine?
Aynur Özge
PMID: 17457703  Pages 17 - 30

3.Osteoarthritis and pain
Gülseren Akyüz, Elif Bulak
PMID: 17457704  Pages 31 - 35

4.Effect of ondansetron in lower extremity bone surgery on morphine and tramadol consumption using patient controlled analgesia
Zeynep Çubukçu, Hayri Özbek, Yasemin Güneş, Murat Gündüz, Dilek Özcengiz, Geylan Işık
PMID: 17457705  Pages 36 - 41

5.Preemptive intraarticular tramadol for pain control after arthroscopic knee surgery
Bilge Tuncer, Avni Babacan, Mustafa Arslan
PMID: 17457706  Pages 42 - 49

6.Comparison of Phantom Pain or Phantom Extremity Sensation of Upper and Lower Extremity Amputations
Fatih Uğur, Aynur Akın, Aliye Esmaoğlu, Kudret Doğru, Sevgi Örs, Harun Aydoğan, Nebahat Gülcü, Adem Boyacı
PMID: 17457707  Pages 50 - 56

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