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Volume: 32  Issue: 4  Year: 2020

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Ağrı: 31 (3)
Volume: 31  Issue: 3 - 2019
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1.What is the impact of having a family history of migraine on migraine characteristics?
Arife Çimen Atalar, Osman Özgür Yalın, Hüsniye Aslan, Betül Baykan
PMID: 31736021  doi: 10.14744/agri.2019.26042  Pages 113 - 121

2.Views of algology inpatients about ethical issues related to pain
Gülay Yıldırım, Şükran Ertekin Pınar, Sinan Gürsoy, Iclal Özdemir Kol
PMID: 31736028  doi: 10.14744/agri.2019.80378  Pages 122 - 131

3.Analgesic effect of the bi-level injection erector spinae plane block after breast surgery: A randomized controlled trial
Can Aksu, Alparslan Kuş, Hadi Ufuk Yörükoğlu, Cennet Tor Kılıç, Yavuz Gürkan
PMID: 31736025  doi: 10.14744/agri.2019.61687  Pages 132 - 137

4.Analgesic efficacy of intraperitoneal, incisional, and intraperitoneal + incisional levobupivacaine in laparoscopic gynecological surgery
Aslı Dikici, Nurten Kayacan, Bilge Karslı
PMID: 31736022  doi: 10.14744/agri.2019.46034  Pages 138 - 144

5.Effective pain therapy can improve the survival of patients with pancreatic cancer
Sibel Ozcan, Sevim Akın, Aysun Yıldız Altun, Esef Bolat, Selami Ateş Önal
PMID: 31736024  doi: 10.14744/agri.2019.61224  Pages 145 - 149

6.Acute rhabdomyolysis following epidural steroid injection: An unusual complication in a patient with low back pain
Damla Yürük, Ahmet Yılmaz, Güngör Enver Özgencil, İbrahim Aşık
PMID: 31736023  doi: 10.5505/agri.2017.54366  Pages 150 - 152

7.Quadratus lumborum block for both cholecystectomy and right-sided nephrectomy
Yavuz Gürkan, Hadi Ufuk Yörükoğlu, Halim Ulugöl, Alparslan Kuş
PMID: 31736019  doi: 10.5505/agri.2017.24392  Pages 153 - 154

8.Ultrasound-guided quadratus lumborum block for postoperative analgesia in a pediatric patient
Gözen Öksüz, Yavuz Gürkan, Aykut Urfalıoglu, Mahmut Arslan
PMID: 31736020  doi: 10.5505/agri.2017.05935  Pages 155 - 157

9.Ultrasound-guided erector spinae plane catheter placement for long-term continuous analgesia in pulmonary malignancy
Onur Balaban, Tayfun Aydın, Merve Yaman
PMID: 31736026  doi: 10.5505/agri.2018.74240  Pages 158 - 160
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10.Tremor on the same extremity after axillary brachial plexus block
Hüseyin Ulaş Pınar
PMID: 31736027  doi: 10.14744/agri.2019.76983  Page 161
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