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Volume: 32  Issue: 4  Year: 2020

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Ağrı: 21 (2)
Volume: 21  Issue: 2 - 2009
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1.An integrated psychosocial-spiritual model for cancer pain management
Özden Dedeli, Gülten Karadeniz
PMID: 19562532  Pages 45 - 53

2.Preemptive analgesic effects of intravenous paracetamol in total abdominal hysterectomy
Semih Arıcı, Alp Gurbet, Gürkan Türker, Belgin Yavaşcaoğlu, Şükran Şahin
PMID: 19562533  Pages 54 - 61

3.The effects of lumbar plexus block and epidural block on total blood loss and postoperative analgesia in total hip arthroplasty
Taylan Akkaya, Gülten Ütebey, Alp Alptekin, Murat Sayın, Haluk Gümüş, Yalım Ateş
PMID: 19562534  Pages 62 - 68

4.The effects of two different multimodal analgesic regimens in total hip replacement surgery
Nurten İnan, Suna Akın Takmaz, Serkan İltar, Işın Yazıcı, Hülya Başar
PMID: 19562535  Pages 69 - 74

5.Reflex sympathetic dystrophy secondary to piriformis syndrome: a case report
Didem Akçalı, Ayça Taş, Pelin Çizmeci, Suna Oktar, Murat Zinnuroğlu, Emre Arslan, Hüseyin Köseoğlu, Avni Babacan
PMID: 19562536  Pages 75 - 79

6.Migraine type childhood headache aggravated by sexual abuse: case report
Hakan Kaleağası, Aynur Özge, Fevziye Toros, Hakan Kar
PMID: 19562537  Pages 80 - 82

7.Greater occipital nerve block in migraine headache: Letter to editor
Mehmet Baykal
PMID: 19562538  Page 83

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