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Volume: 32  Issue: 4  Year: 2020

Attention: These articles have been accepted for publication; however, this list does not indicate the order in which articles will be published. As new articles are accepted, the order displayed here will change.

Ağrı: 18 (1)
Volume: 18  Issue: 1 - 2006
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1.An atypical opioid analgesic: Tramadol
Kader Keskinbora, Işık Aydınlı
PMID: 16783663  Pages 5 - 19

2.Psychosocial aspects of pain
Hayriye Elbi Mete, Ayşın Noyan, Özen Önen Sertöz
PMID: 16783664  Pages 20 - 25

3.Complementary Therapies In Palliative Cancer Care
Yasemin Kuzeyli Yıldırım, Çiçek Fadıloğlu, Meltem Uyar
PMID: 16783665  Pages 26 - 32

4.Broken Racz catheter during application (Case report)
Haktan Karaman, Hatice Öztürkmen Akay, Selim Turhanoğlu
PMID: 16783666  Pages 33 - 36

5.Spinal anesthesia in cesarean section with different combinations of bupivacaine and fentanyl
Tülay Özkan Seyhan, Evren Şentürk, Nilüfer Şenbecerir, İlkay Başkan, Ayşen Yavru
PMID: 16783667  Pages 37 - 43

6.The determination of the pain relief approaches in emergency trauma units
Pelin Karaçay, Fatma Eti Aslan, Deniz Şelimen
PMID: 16783668  Pages 44 - 51

7.Addition of ketamine infusion to patient controlled analgesia with intravenous morphine after abdominal hysterectomy
Alihan Pirim, Semra Karaman, Meltem Uyar, Agah Çertuğ
PMID: 16783669  Pages 52 - 58

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