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Volume: 32  Issue: 4  Year: 2020

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Ağrı: 17 (1)
Volume: 17  Issue: 1 - 2005
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Serdar Erdine, Ayşen Yücel
Page 4
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2.Neuropathic pain: Mechanisms, diagnosis and treatment
Ayşen Yücel, Ali Çimen
PMID: 15791494  Pages 5 - 13

3.Celiac Ganglion Block
Serdar Erdine
PMID: 15791495  Pages 14 - 22

4.Epidural steroid injections and low back pain
Atilla Ergin
PMID: 15791496  Pages 23 - 27

5.Challenges in the treatment of pain in children with cancer and tunneling of epidural catheter for long term infusion
Pervin Bozkurt, Mefkür Bakan, Leyla Türkoğlu Kılınç
PMID: 15791497  Pages 28 - 32

6.Effect of tramadol on regeneration after experimental sciatic nerve injury
Yasemin Güneş, Tufan Mert, Y. Kenan Dağlıoğlu, Hayri Özbek, İsmail Günay, Dilek Özcengiz, Geylan Işık
PMID: 15791498  Pages 33 - 38

7.The use of transdermal fentanyl in chronic non-malignant pain
Taylan Akkaya, Murat Sayın, Haluk Gümüş
PMID: 15791499  Pages 39 - 44

8.The relationship of stabbing headaches with migraine attacks
Hamit Macit Selekler, Sezer Şener Komşuoğlu
PMID: 15791500  Pages 45 - 48

9.The effects of clodronate for the pain treatment of bone metastasis due to prostate cancer
Emine Özyuvacı, Aysel Altan, Cumhur Demir
PMID: 15791501  Pages 49 - 53

10.Low doses of prazosin potantiates the antinociceptive / analgesic effect of amitriptyline
Murat Büyükşekerci, Hülya Gültekin
PMID: 15791502  Pages 54 - 56

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