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Volume: 32  Issue: 4  Year: 2020

Attention: These articles have been accepted for publication; however, this list does not indicate the order in which articles will be published. As new articles are accepted, the order displayed here will change.

Ağrı: 32 (3)
Volume: 32  Issue: 3 - 2020
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1.Patient-controlled analgesia and morphine consumption in sickle cell anemia painful crises: A new protocol
Mesut Bakır, Şebnem Rumeli Atıcı, Hüseyin Utku Yıldırım, Eyup Naci Tiftik, Selma Ünal
PMID: 32789826  doi: 10.14744/agri.2020.46354  Pages 115 - 119

2.Effects of working years in cold environment on the musculoskeletal system and carpal tunnel symptoms
Yasin Devran Altuntaş, Tamer Çankaya
PMID: 32789824  doi: 10.14744/agri.2020.35651  Pages 120 - 127

3.Can conscious guilt feelings incite nocebo pain?
Kutlu Kağan Türkarslan, Deniz Canel Çınarbaş
PMID: 32789834  doi: 10.14744/agri.2020.99710  Pages 128 - 139

4.A comparison of the ultrasound-guided modified-thoracolumbar interfascial plane block and wound infiltration for postoperative pain management in lumbar spinal surgery patients
Mürsel Ekinci, Bahadır Çiftçi, Erkan Cem Çelik, Ahmet Murat Yayık, Alican Tahta, Yunus Oktay Atalay
PMID: 32789833  doi: 10.14744/agri.2019.97759  Pages 140 - 146

5.Telephone versus self administration of outcome measures in low back pain patients
Savaş Şencan, Alp Eren Çelenlioğlu, Serdar Kokar, Fırat Ulutatar, Naime Evrim Karadağ Saygı
PMID: 32789831  doi: 10.14744/agri.2019.79847  Pages 147 - 151

6.Ultrasound detection of sciatic nerve movements with ankle dorsiflexion/plantar flexion: Prospective comparative study of a novel method to locate the sciatic nerve
Onur Balaban, Merve Yaman, Tayfun Aydın, Ahmet Musmul
PMID: 32789828  doi: 10.14744/agri.2019.65390  Pages 152 - 158

7.Frontal recess osteoma causing severe headache
Ceyhun Aksakal
PMID: 32789830  doi: 10.5505/agri.2018.68552  Pages 159 - 161

8.Surgical anesthesia using ultrasound-guided penile nerve block for adult hemophilia patient
Sevim Cesur, Yavuz Gürkan, Neşe Türkyılmaz, Alparslan Kuş, Can Aksu
PMID: 32789823  doi: 10.5505/agri.2018.27676  Pages 162 - 163

9.Fluoroscopically guided transforaminal epidural catheterization of the ankylosing spondylitis
Sema Şanal Baş, Sacit Mehmet Güleç
PMID: 32789825  doi: 10.5505/agri.2018.37980  Pages 164 - 167

10.Rare reflex in regional anesthesia which have a high-risk in case of forgotten: Bezold-Jarisch reflex
Fethi Akyol, Orhan Binici, Özgür Özmen, Evren Büyükfırat, Mehmet Kenan Erol, Mahmut Alp Karahan
PMID: 32789827  doi: 10.5505/agri.2018.62687  Pages 168 - 170

11.Tolosa-Hunt Syndrome; clinical and brain MRI features and treatment
Asuman Ali, Ramazan Yalçın
PMID: 32789829  doi: 10.5505/agri.2018.65477  Pages 171 - 174

12.A new treatment modality in piriformis syndrome: Ultrasound guided dry needling treatment
Fatih Bağcıer, Fatih Hakan Tufanoğlu
PMID: 32789832  doi: 10.14744/agri.2019.92170  Pages 175 - 176

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