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Volume: 32  Issue: 3  Year: 2020

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Radiofrequency lesioning of the sympathetic chain at different levels [Ağrı]
Ağrı. 2004; 16(1): 43-48

Radiofrequency lesioning of the sympathetic chain at different levels

R Ruiz Lopez1
Clinica Del Dolor De Barcelona, Pau Alcover 75-77, 08017, Barcelona, Spain. [email protected]

The interruption of sympathetic pathways is a commonly used modality for the treatment of many painful conditions and some other problems like vascular disorders. Radiofrequency (RF) techniques have gained popularity in this field in the recent years. The major advantages of RF techniques over other neurodestructive methods are; the formation of controlled lesion, low complication rates and low perioperative discomfort. In this paper, RF applications of the different sympathetic regions are described, together with the indications, risks and comments of the author.

R Ruiz Lopez. Radiofrequency lesioning of the sympathetic chain at different levels. Ağrı. 2004; 16(1): 43-48

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